Compuphonic Snowboxx tales #2

Compuphonic – Cinnamon Road

Yo folx!

Compuphonic just dropped a new on us called Cinnamon Road and I must say, I can’t get enough of this guy. Light and airy melodies and smooth heavy bass are the pillars of Compuphonic’s productions and Cinnamon Road does NOT disappoint. Get lost in this and then peep the mix below because I know you need something to listen to in the car ride home from the club this weekend!

I have 2 tracks and a mix on here because I love Petula Clark and her single, Cut Copy Me, which was remixed by Compuphonic as well.

Eat it uppppppp

Seriously this mix is great and it will make you smile! Skip through if you don’t believe me.. Not like you weren’t going to anyway!

Groove Poet

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